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اِسْمٌ (noun)

1. Arabic February 7th, 2010

The table below shows the properties of an اِسْمٌ (noun):

Examples Translation Properties
طَالِبٌ، طَالِبَة ٌ Masculine, feminine مُذَكَّرٌ، مُؤَنَّثٌ
طَالِبٌ، طَالِبَانِ، طُلَّابٌ Singular, dual, plural مُفْرَدٌ، مُثَنَّى، جَمْعٌ
طَالِبٌ، بَيْتٌ Intellect, non-intellect عَاقِلٌ، غَيْرُ عَاقِلٍ
طَالِبٌ، الطَّالِبُ Indefinite, definite نَكِرَةٌ، مَعْرِفَة ٌ

نَكِرَةٌ is when an ism is indefinite or not specific, it is general i.e., the ism كِتَابٌ ‘a book’ this can be any book from the different types of books.

مَعْرِفَة ٌ is when an ism is definite or specific, it is not general i.e., the ism الْكِتَابُ ‘the book’ or كِتَابُ مُحَمَّدٍ ‘Muhammad’s book’, here the book is a particular book not just any book in general.

An ism in the Arabic language can be مُثَنَّى (dual) meaning it shows upon two i.e., the ism طَالِبَانِ means ‘two students’ this is done by adding انِ
(alif and noon)at the end of an ism.

An ism can be عَاقِلٌ possess intellect such as humans, angels and jinns or it can be غَيْرُعَاقِلٍ possess no intellect such as animals, objects, trees e.t.c.

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