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The verbal sentence is the sentence that begins with the verb , for instance: كَتَبَ التِلْميذُ الدَّرْسَ

· The verb كَتَبَ (/kataba/ = he wrote = past)

· The subject التِّلْميذُ (/at-tilmiḏu/ = The student)

· The Accusative Object الدَّرْسَ(/addarsa/ = the lesson)
We see that the arabic verbal sentence begins with the verb and has the following structure verb + subject + Accusative Object

When the subject is unknown, we change the verb form for ex : كَتَبَ /kataba/ (Active Verb) كُتِبَ -> /kutiba/(Passive verb)

We say : /kutiba-d-darsu/ كُتِبَ الدَّرْسُ “the lesson is written”…in past tense

in the present tense : /yuktabu-d-darso/ يُكْتَبُ الدَّرْسُ

there are two types of verbs:

· The intransitive Verb الفِعْلُ اللازِم(Al fiعlu-l-lāzim) that needs only his subject الفاعِل,for ex:جاءالوَلَد “the boy comes”

· The transitive Verb الفِعْلُ المُتَعَدّي (Al fiعlu-l-mutaعaddī) that needs his subject الفاعِل and an accusative Object, المَفْعول بِهِ, for example: كَتَبَ التِّلْميذُ الدَّرْسَ


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